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Masala Bharwan Baigun Aloo Cottage Cheese Stuffed Round Gourds Curry Amritsari Kulcha Thali - aloo paneer stuffed naan, paneer sabji, chole, raita, onion pickle AUD18, masala tea AUD3.90 - Gold Sweets and Chaat, Glenhuntly - D7000 Taro, Cottage Cheese & Lotus Seeds Curry Indian Accent Indian Accent Indian Accent Indian Accent Indian Accent Indian Accent Keema is an Indian stew made of meat, veggies or soy. Stuffing it into a bun makes a tasty snack. Soy Keema, Quail Egg, Lime Leaf Butter Pao $12 Imagine American pickled relish but instead of American stuff it’s Indian stuff. Things like chili, turmeric, fermented produce. That’s achaar. A bold, tangy, sweet condiment to glaze these ribs. Meetha Achaar Ribs, Sun Dried Mango, Onion Seeds $12 Malvan is a coastal town in southwestern India with it's own dialect and distinct cuisine. Malvani spice blends typically contain the addition of ground coconut, which imparts a unique flavor.  Seared Scallop, Rava Prawns, Malvani Dried Shrimp Rice $21 Kulcha is made with maida flour, leavened with baking powder and whole milk yoghurt then typically baked in a pan.  We ordered two of the various stuffed kulchas offered. Butter Chicken Kulcha and Wild Mushroom Kulcha $5/each Bedai And Alu Ki Sabzi Boiling then frying eggs Butter Chicken Masala at Villa Shanti in Pondicherry Chicken tikka 20171214_130532 Yum P7134125 Aktar at the pass just behind me - Opheem sizzly yum Chicken tikka Alpha, George, Jaspreet, Akanksha, Chandima at Chilli India, Melbourne Central Georgetown, Malaysia Burgers & chutneys from The Indian Family Kitchen
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