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IMG_6954 IMG_4962 IMG_2072 IMG_6088 IMG_0130 20170205 04 Hoosier State, Indianapolis, Indiana Tortured soul Tracks in Augusta Pyrite concretions in black shale (Blocher Member, New Albany Shale, Devonian; Harding Street Quarry, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA) 1 IMG_5996-1 Sally looked so sweet to be hanging with the dogs. MISS HOOSIER in the Miracle Mile parade. I wish that darn cat was closer. I am being eaten by my camera, ouch! Indianapolis 500 of 2011 IMG_7653 IMG_6792 IMG_3459 IMG_5094 I'm on Twitter right now so leave me alone! IMG_5070 I have no idea why the guy was holding the wall up. This floor smells like an an old gym. Hey Lady, there's a guy taking your picture! BYE BYE BIRDIE-1659 Oh, Hell NO! Rhino at Indianapolis Zoo Sick Of Sarah | Oh Yeah. GenCon -D&D Preview Show 05 Field Of Clunkers Pt. III
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