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The CSCL Indian Ocean in the Port of Felixstowe - aerial image On board the world's largest cargo ship http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/30723120 180910-N-IA905-1024 US, Australian, and Canadian navies conduct replenishment-at-sea maneuvers during Kakadu 2018 180907-N-IA905-1011 180907-N-IA905-1061 An airman launches an F-35B Lightning II aboard USS Essex (LHD 2). Aviation signals an F-35B Lightning II as it launches. Madagascar weaver (Foudia madagascariensis) 180830-N-AF263-0075 180830-N-AF263-0158 Stars and Sea 1, variant Stars and Sea 1, variant Stars and Sea 1, variant On the Deck of the USS Essex, variant 180913-N-IA905-1042 180911-N-IA905-1022 180911-N-IA905-1042 180911-N-IA905-1037 180910-N-IA905-1004 180910-N-IA905-1043 180910-N-IA905-1017 180910-N-IA905-1013 180910-N-IA905-1008 180909-N-IA905-1025 180909-N-IA905-1022 180909-N-IA905-1010 180909-N-IA905-1001 180907-N-IA905-1051 South Africa 180828-N-NB142-0138
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