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4083e pensive jay 4033ex  red & green  **Explore** 3969ex  Northern Cardinal 7309ex Superb Starling  **Explore** 7034ex2 walking with giraffes 7815e  The Line-Up 3427e2 grazers pano 4066ex2 balancing act 3119ex red spotted purple... and friend 0308ex  forest friend on front lawn 1120ex nectar time! 2534e  Hearts A-Burstin' 2994e November anole 2879e2 papa of the Serengeti 0066ex Lilac-breasted Roller 3917e  enjoying the last of the sun 0981ex  grasshopper on the move 2267ex  Wood Duck on autumn lake 8380ex  White-tailed Ptarmigan 3533ex hippo roar 0291e2 hummingbird close-up  **Explore** 1308e2  Contemplation European perch (Perca fluviatilis) 1380e  summer weather comes to an end 1074ex Sunflower center details 1223ex Pied Kingfisher  **Explore** 3189ex  cheetah shows its teeth 0472ex  ready to fly..... 6951ex Kudu 1051ex2 Leopard!
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