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mobile grocery 2018 near Awatabe in Echizen-city citizen exhibition - Bonsai inventiveness looking east at the front of OkaFuto Jingu in Awatabe garden shed of many winters and summers; Mt. Hino large torii of wood at the Okafuto Jingu in Awatabe Prepared trail up to Gyoji-gadake at Imadate panorama on November 5, Awatabe-festa (Imadate area) posted sign describes medieval mountaintop fort here trail and bench overlooking part of Imadate, below bus ride for plaintiff at district court stillness at Otaki shrine Dumping the rice chaff at roadside panorama near Gobu-ichi a few generations layered on this bus stop the heyday of asphalt - derelict small operator, near Totani panorama-bonsai exhibition 2018 Imadate on 2 Nov. looking at recent storm damage morning light on main & side shrines at Otaki imperial crest of 16-petaled 'mum eleven faces of Kannon bodhisattva Shrine festival banner (Akasaka nr Sabae-city) sideview, shadow and light at Otaki jinja gable detail, Otaki shrine small lizard in weak October sun roof detail in back of haiden lion-dog foregrounds tall trees porch at Otaki shrine Overgrown and thriving Vocal birds, thriving green, peaceful gardens Rising smoke
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