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Are You Driving a Balloon? Archie - mixed media Moderrn light with candelabra He was at the house ten minutes later and.. I cried then... I thought the tears would never stop! My lips stopped his words! Dancing, He didn't call for a week!, Teen-Age Love #8 (1959), cover by Vince Colletta and Jon D'Agostino Publicidade antiga | old advertisement | 1936 Chair - Sit in this chair and be quiet Box - Lois Lane has a box on her head Able & Aboard - Superman is able to jump over a tall tree. Flash walked aboard the ship Above - I'll fly above the houses Act - That was a brave act Adventure - Jimmy Olsen had an adventure Afternoon - Lois Lane worked all afternoon Against - Wonder Woman stood against the fence Agree - Atom and the bee agree Aim - Take it easy, Black Canary. I aimed it at the tree Air - Aquaman came out of the water into the air Airplane Ajar - The Penguin left the door ajar... he hoped someone would bump into it Algae - I'll fight the algae and win Am - I am happy to have caught you Almost - Lex Luthor almost fell into Superman's clever trap Already - I know how to hang onto a rope already Along - Flash went through the wall and took his boots along Angry - He was angriest when Supergirl caught him Animal - He is living, and he is not a plant
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