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Presenting Garmonbozia store Round And Around And Around And Around It Goes 1948 Film Poster Ad, Illustrated 1952 Food Ad, Royal Cream of Tartar Baking Powder, Boy Playing Baseball Illustrated 1969 Ad, Eaton's Fine Letter Papers, Young Man Reading Letter Illustrated 1952 Ad, Scotch Brand Cellophane Tape Illustrated 1942 Ad, WWII, Albers Corn Flakes, El Asilo - The Asylum Illustrated 1952 Food Ad, Contadina Concentrated Tomato Paste with Free Recipe Booklet Offer, Pretty Housewife Illustrated 1958 Auto Ad, Buick Air Born B-58, Husband & Wife (2 pages) Illustrated 1963 Ad, Making Money with Cartoons, Cartoonists' Exchange, Free Book Offer La Puesta de Luna - The Moonset La Sajalira - The Harp-Axe La Puesta de Sol - The Sunset Los Callejeros - The Strays The Shadow-walker - El Trotasombras The Flock - La Bandada La Ciudadela - The Citadel Illustrated 1963 Ad, Acme Coffee with English Bone China Cup & Saucer Offer, Happy Mid-Century Housewife Dinner Alone The Inscription / La Inscripción The Counselor / El Consejero La Tortuga / The Turtle La Sacerdotisa / The High Priestess El Loco / The Fool El Aplastador / The Crusher El Ave del Paraíso / The Bird of Paradise The Dream / El Sueño On the wings of time, sadness flies away. El Farol / The Lamppost
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