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We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side. t e n a n t f i r e n z e p a s s a g e s e n t i n e l Office Building in Fort Smith Arkansas Terence portero Leica_delta400_2018_17 Farmhouse, Hawkstor Downs, Cornwall, UK Los Canarios da rEal P.i.M.P. Teneguía nippon _IMG1676 again glam and trash well what do you see? looking out, looking in 12122018-000026 Dorfkirche Torrevaldaliga Nord Kante Pfad aus Asche gewachsen Eingangsbereich Holzstoß (Bitterkalt II) Straßfeld wayside cross Miel church
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 film, bw, hp5, blackandwhite, black, white, delta, mediumformat, portrait, nikon
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