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Back to life 2nd of August 2018 LF.fp4.201806.01 Pentlands lf_2017-04-29_009 Contact print_I Pasarela Trichromy III South Bend, IN Look, there's a sparrow in the sky! VIS 09 Like I'm Erased Kerzengerade Vegetation für Sternsucher Analog photography In den Nebel Abandoned chemical factory Waiting for Green Water to Ice Exclusion zone Splash fishshack Gdansk Shipyard Gates Untitled foodstuffs #144/365 Agrifoglio Ginza_Rollei35T_20120112_19 Poles in a lake Nr 133 and Nr 134 watching me taking pictures Warsztat samochodów ciężarowych (truck service)
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 film, bw, hp5, blackandwhite, black, white, delta, mediumformat, portrait, nikon