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What a smile! Displaced Sudanese Undergo Medical Tests before Journey Home Haiti Earthquake 2010 Mother and child at the Mutthur camp The same girl, in a home rebuilt by OfERR A 19 year old IDP, at the camp at midday because there was no work available A boy with a UNICEF backpack with a bicycle that is way too big for him A student at the Mutthur School A school girl being mischevious A school girl coming home to the Muthur camp The child and her mother in front of their home Two school-boys in Mutthur One of the workers at OfERR Trincomalee office A young girl in her home The damaged building renovation project, funded by the UNHCR, implemented by OfERR (Ceylon) Children and young mothers by their home in the Muthur camp An IDP at the Muthur Camp A fisherman the government of Sri Lanka wants to resettle inland Three youths hang out at the camp A family in front of their timber, sheet metal and tarpoulin home An older lady cleaning rice outside of her home constructed from UNHCR tarpoulins A grandmother and grandson in front of a UNHCR built temporary shelter One of the IDP's, still in a camp, who was a skilled (vocationally trained) mason, but who still out of work IDP camp Looking after mothers and babies Haiti Earthquake 2010 Haiti Earthquake 2010 Haiti Earthquake 2010 Haiti Earthquake 2010 Haiti Earthquake 2010
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