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A Minimalist Black & White of Howard Lake (North Cascades National Park Service Complex) Layer Upon Layer with the Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Postcards (Gateway Arch National Park) Wildflower, Wildflower, Wildflower, Wildflower! She Waited for Him... Multicolored Layered Across a Badlands Landscape (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) The Curve of an Arch Across the Missouri Skies (Gateway Arch National Park) At the Gate Waiting to Leave I Sat on the Grasses of a Meadow One Morning (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) A Sweeping Bend in the Little Missouri River Across the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Landscape A Theodore Roosevelt National Park Postcard A Spectacle of Badlands with Prairie Grass That Seemingly Extended to a Far Distant Horizon (Badlands National Park) Silo and Glass Viewing Area (Minuteman Missile National Historic Site) Layers and Colors of Badlands at Big Badlands Overlook (Badlands National Park) Prairie of Tall Grasses with a Hillside Backdrop (Black & White, Wind Cave National Park) Boxwork Formations In A Cave Ceiling In Wind Cave National Park (Wind Cave National Park) Bubbles Turn into Spirals (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Rolling Hills with Morning Overcast Skies (Wind Cave National Park) Finding My Way to Crazy Horse Overcast Skies Over Mountains and Diablo Lake (HDR, Black & White, North Cascades National Park Service Complex) An Untitled Idea from Another (Cuyahoga National Park) Oh Sweet is the Thought When I Spied Upon a River While Walking Amongst the Forest (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) My Travel Paintings - Stanislaus National Forest Farmland Thanks to Flickr, I Was Able to Note This as a Spot to Visit (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Bison Grazing in Prairie (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Morning Sunlight Across the Little Missouri River (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Under Construction in Austin Layers of Colors Across a Badlands Landscape Stretching As Far As the Eye Could See (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Gateway Arch from the Steps of the Old Courthouse (Gateway Arch National Park) Blue Skies with Clouds and Badlands in a Late Afternoon Light (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park)
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