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The Forum Shops Brittney's Maternity Pics Steel Brooks - Wicked Bears - Boise All-ages Music Project Eric Hildebrand and Andreas Otto Quinn Martin Terry Ryder Celebration Park - Supermoon Idaho IceCats Quinn Martin Tyler Matthews (Tyler Mathews) Celtis laevigata reticulata Totality On Pointe, In Combat Boots Celebration Park Celebration [IDAHO-B-0163] Snake River - Shoshone Falls Idaho City, Idaho Hulls Gulch_Sunflowers Allen & Company 2015 Gold leaf specimens (Idaho Springs area, Colorado, USA) 2 sunset skies Creeping Barberry Mountain Huckleberry Thanks and much love to Editor & Publisher of Sun Valley Magazine Laurie Sammis for all your help with our #dent2014 Photo Walk Adventure Colville tree3 Shoshone sagebrush steppe Owyhee Uplands Back Country Byway: Wyoming big sagebrush and little sagebrush steppe (Bromus japonicus) desert junk Astragalus calycosus Mr. and Mrs. Scobleizer
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 mountains, trees, snow, clouds, water, boise, lake, winter, river, sunset
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