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I wonder what is down there? Lasioglossum interruptum ? 1/2 Entypus unifasciatus Little Bee Ichneumon Wasp Bright green wasp Parasitic Wasp Ovipositing Thersilochus morionellus Holmgren, 1860 C.G. Thomson Hymenoptera 1:50 Metaphycus sp. F Epeolus productus Thomson, 1870 Cerceris quadricincta (hembra) Flower Wasp at work A Grubby lot Etroxys (Habrocytus) fasciatus Thomson, 1878 Eutomostethus ephippium Scolia bicincta (double-banded scoliid wasp) Sapygina decemguttata, parasitoïde de Heriades truncorum Exhausted Dolichovespula saxonica (male) Cratichneumon flavifrons Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Pomplilidae Spider hunting wasp DSCF1923 Delta arcuata 5920 Megachilidae>Lithurgus rubricatus Bee DSCF7576 Megachilidae>Lithurgus rubricatus Bee DSCF7569 Mining Bee unidentified braconid wasp Ichneumonidae....
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