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The Statue of Miska the Hussar

The Statue of Miska the Hussar

Pákozd village was the location of one of the most important battle in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, fought on 29th September 1848. The greatest part of the Hungarian victory was contributed by the Hussars.

Hussars were members of a class of light cavalry, originating in Hungary in the 15th century. This 12.5 meter tall statue erected near the battlefield holds memories of these soldiers.
As the battle was fought on the day of Saint Michael, the statue was christened to Miskahuszár. (Miska = Mike)

2019.01.07. Pákozd, Hungary
Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Samyang EF 14/2.8
143 x 60 sec, ISO 1000, F 4.0

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Photo taken @ Pakozd on 7 January 2019 (© György Soponyai / Flickr)

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