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Pallas cat rubbing against the branch Pallas Cat and grass Close Asitic lioness The brown bear walking on the log Getting into the water Another nice portrait of the brown bear Cute Bennett's kangaroo Capybara family Coati on the rope Ground hornbill picking peanut Dhole touching meat Close portrait of a dhole Posinng on the log The tigress on her car! Tigress on the back of the car, looking at me Angry male leopard Leopard belly up Leopard flat on the grass Nice portait of a Pallas cat Pallas cat looking a bit shy Gossip Girls The male Asiatic lion posing well Portrait of an Asiatic lioness Brown bear quite close Brown bear posing well Brown bear walking at the shore Dhole trying to eat meat Right Foot The Pallas cat posing Nice portrait of the relaxing lioness
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