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Another sign about an ancient crypt I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons! The crypt you saw earlier dates back to the 3 -10 Centuries! I worked my way around the reflections by sticking my camera in through here Spreading ashes Bone fragments from the victims Mass grave for headless victims at Choeung Ek A longer shot of the baby execution tree Fully reclined for your last flight... Eric Davy makes a memory glass paperweight Memory Glass is made with cremated human remains Alex Wilson helping Eric Davy with funeral urn making glass from cremated remains Angelo Rossi is a tourist attraction at Skylon Tower Hot glass gather in glassblowing studio Once was lost, Now she’s found Quetzalcoatl Temple Burials Bone fragments- a closer view Rags from victims' clothes at Choeung Ek Choeung Ek Choeung Ek- teeth and bone fragments Another pic of another mass grave A skull split open by a blow from a machette Knife used for ear cutting DSCF3701 DSCF3707 DSCF3709 DSCF3714 DSCF3722 Oscar Westover Special Collection Photo Northrop A-17AS, 36-349, crash scene
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