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(Representative image) I spotted a pair of geisha from the bus (Representative image) This is probably what a geisha dance performance would look like My second human powered rickshaw ride- this time in Kyoto The rickshaw stopped right next to this traditional Japanese garden My rickshaw puller guide points to something down the street As my guide points to something, I was admiring the colour co-ordination all around That's the Yasaka Pagoda my rickshaw guide was pointing to down that alley My rickshaw puller guide winds up the tour with this selfie Another view of the pleasant sakura lined path in the Shirakawa district of Gion My rickshaw puller guide told me I was not allowed to get off the rickshaw I had to do it all in selfie mode- my rickshaw puller was not allowed to take pictures of me either Pleasant ride down a sakura (cherry blossom) line path along a canal in the Shirakawa area of Gion This tiny lane in Gion has featured in many films and tv serials Most people only seemed to be milling about at the entrance Of course the iPhone gave better colours- wish I had shot in landscape format A selfie against a sakura (cherry blossom) tree in the Shirakawa area By the time I returned later to take pictures of the lane, it was drizzling heavily I barely managed this one selfie in the celebrity lane through a lady with an umbrella My rickshaw puller guide was a jolly fellow full of information A private tea garden- the owner brought in various tea types and planted them here Accommodations behind the geisha houses A traditional old Japanese wooden house in Gion Up ahead is the Three Monkeys temple, I was told Geisha lane- I could never find it when I returned later on foot A Japanese gentleman in a suit emerged from this gap between two geisha houses The name of the geisha (or geiko in Kyoto) is displayed outside A closer view of the geisha show poster- geisha are called geiko in Kyoto Geisha houses with a poster for a geisha show A pleasant thoroughfare lined with sakura (cherry blossom) trees A training school for geiko (geisha) in the middle of geisha district in Gion
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