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Murphy Family Cemetery visit Murphy Family Cemetery BMW 3.0 CSL under the rain Rose with single LED Duracell 350 torch held between my knees... Rosa, Rosaceae, Rose with Pelican Point 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot I never dreamt we would have a view to a creek with wildlife wandering past! More wines with Tom and M over a weekend! Wines with Tom and M. Purple flowers bloom in a garden in Kendall Our artistic Granddaughter, Ella, after dinner Pears soap and box, 1807 till today! Looking for another under $40 Whisky for my stocks View of GEOCON cranes from bedroom window! Murphy Family Cemetery marker HTC U11 HTC U11 Back garden in the paddock Our back garden in the paddock My Other Self Gary Knows Stuff.  Naked Wines Bird and stray dog bowl and Marge Miller camelia Low growing marg miller camilia at the front bedroom window Map of our travels in Helga and Smoky Looking out through the shed space The new cleared view out the back gate Wine labels details... Traminer Reisling and a Rosé Then when it was finished, found this on the bottom of box! C adding a few pieces... Small image of Mandala jigsaw taking several people a few days to complete BOY MEETS GIRL The old St George stove cooktop....
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