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2019_04-17b 2019_04-17c 2019_04-16d 2019_04-14a 2019_04-14b Tian (Sniff. What do I smell? Mei? You eating treats?) Mei (Let's meet at the other howdy window.) Tian thinking (I'll cajole some treats first.) Mei (I've been waiting. What took so long? No comment? Well your time's up.) 2019-04-08 @ 8.24.55–.32.21AM 2019_03-27e1a Tian Tian (Hiya fans! I think I heard my honey calling me. Better see what she wants. Mei! Where'd you go? There you are. You calling me? No? I was just dreaming? You sure?) 2019-03-24 at 9.07.54 AM Tian Tian (Watching my keepers put out my treats makes me thirsty. I see that biscuit ball–step lively with my boo so you can open my gate. Yup, chef made the biscuits just how I like them. Hey Mei, you got some good eats too?) 2019-03-24 at 7.30.46–.39AM 2018_12-04f1 2018_09-07d 2018_08-09f Tian Tian tries to instruct the cam operators 2019-02-20 ca 11.29.10 AM 2018_12-15d Mei, Tian & Bei in the Snow 2017 2018_12-04 2018_12-04a 2018_11-25a 2018_11-23a 2018_11-23b 2018_11-10j 2018_11-02a 2018_10-14k1 2018_10-14i Mei Xiang & Tian Tian thru the howdy windows 2018-10-11 at 8.34.15–9.06.32 AM 2018_09-23o 2018_09-23k 2018_09-15g 2018_08-27zi 2018_08-23a
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