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We ghosts don't have to bother about doors. Hospital Hallway Nighty city protrait Albury. The Advance Australia Hotel opened in 1857. Became Sedons Australia Hotel in 1890s and expanded to 100 rooms. Has changed little since then. Maternity Hospital, Kerbela Solitudine - Picture of loneliness Cozy Bed! Patients in North Dagon Township Hospital. Yangon Image taken from page 661 of '[An history of Birmingham ... With a new introduction by Christopher R. Erington.]' Crownsville Hospital Center Malnutrition in children on the rise in Central African Republic Naive Art from Ottawa at TOH Civic Campus CTH-Centro Técnico Hospitalar, S.A. Lisboa, Portugal Das Buch für Alle ,Illustrierte familien Zeitung 1900 , ill Berlin weihnachtsfeier Krankenhaus Albury. Interior of the  Anglican Church and its pipe organ.  The west wall and tower base designed by Edmund Blacket in 1857. William Boles designed the new church in 1876. Roof rebuilt 1991 after a fire. JPG Restoration Gotero Inauguración del Hospital de Traumatología y Ortopedia Hospital Smoke Break - DSC01661_ep King George Military Hospital, aerial view of rooftop and London gevonden foto operatiekamer met hond j 50 Poveglia Psychatric Hospital, Venice Pasillo de hospital pillows Abandoned Hospital - The Clinic E. (7) Urban Exploration - Abandoned Hospital (44)
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