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Abreha Atsbeha church interior

Abreha Atsbeha church interior

"Abreha Atsbeha is an outstanding rock-hewn church that is located around 30km Southeast of Hawzien and 15km outside of Wukro town. This church is dedicated to the famous twin Axumite kings, Abreha and Atsbeha, who introduced Christianity to Ethiopia during the 4th century. The church is said to be the final resting place for the Axumite twins who are commonly known by their other names, Ezana and Saizana, respectively. Every year on October 14th, thousands of pilgrims make the religious journey to Abreha Atsbeha creating quite a unique spectacle. This church is easily accessible and can be reached by car."


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Photo prise le 5 janvier 2015 (© 10b travelling / Carsten ten Brink / Flickr)

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