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Composition: a mouth full of onion

Look at what I got

Sliced and diced

The Borana: thinking while he walks

The Borana: livestock market panorama

Landscape with oil drums

Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate

Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate: walking in the dust

Tribal views: the Mursi

Key Afar market views

Sacred ibis waiting for fish

Cattle block the road

Feed the hyaena: the pack eats

The colour of Harar

The people of Harar

Tribal views: Arbore people - I suspect they don't wear gourds all the time

Against the green: Ethiopian compositions: I'm waiting

Monks, priests and worshippers - does he remind you of Morgan Freeman?

Monk, priests and worshippers - modesty

Monk, priests and worshippers: the grinning worshipper

Tribal looks: butter is added to the hair


Happy 17th Birthday, Somaliland - The Freedom Monument

Happy 17th Birthday, Somaliland - Nasso Hablood

Outside the Entoto Maryam church


The Borana: catch the colour

Jigjiga - camel lady and wheelbarrow man

Eritrean Engineer - urban decay theme

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