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Look at what I got Sliced and diced Composition: Oil drums Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate In the Karo village: the men jump Chicken dance Toothbrush, toothpick or just cigarette substitute The colour of Harar Composition: candlestick and castle-wall Composition in colour and plastic Should I invite you to share my tea? Man dreams of colour Sign of Rastas Any colour except black Makes me think of someone It tastes better green Composition: a mouth full of onion Goatskin worn by Hamer women Haile Selassie The Borana: catch the colour The Borana: thinking while he walks The Borana: livestock market panorama Composition: textures and lines Composition: Pairs Baboon life: a shy family Key Afar market views Sacred ibis waiting for fish Cattle block the road Feed the hyaena: the pack eats The people of Harar
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