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Keep your eyes off the foreign men Look Are you really foreign? Can we touch you? Ignore me The coffee ladies spot something out the window Composition in blue and earth tones, aka a building Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's an Art Deco gas station Keren colourful shoppers Bored camels entertained by passing goat View over Keren from the fort Two way traffic Special price if you take the lot Camel market Eritrean child - smile Eritrean boy in Nefasit Sitting around the steam engine Composition in peach and brown, aka a door Eritrean highlands Detailed schematic of train? Carsten pretending to be a train car Nowhere near retirement. You can't make me go Africa's coolest building? Fiat Tagliero 3 sheiks Eritrean elder The other way or I hit you again Eritrean bird Are you sure? OK, now take one without the toothpick Euphorbia close-up Eritrean highland view with euphorbia
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 africa, ethiopia, afrique, eastafrica, portrait, boy, djibouti, somalia, woman, child
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