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Ethiopian colours, perhaps with toothache? Take any two - they don't have to match Washing in the lake Sculling past men washing The signpainter had been drinkin', not me Haile Selassie Lines of beans Waiting for petrol: they must come soon: I can't face any more of your jokes Waiting for petrol: when did you say they were coming? Composition: Pairs The Dasanech: how many ways to carry the goods Makes me think of someone You only got some donkeys at the transport market - look what I got Fruit basket Two or three birds Blue Nile falls Checking the quality Composition: grain landscape A spiral Mosaic Look at what I got I hate it when I get strands of net in my mouth Fish out of water Composition: Oil drums Composition: Oil drums: a Spanish flag? The Borana: thinking while he walks The Borana: livestock market panorama Composition: textures and lines Composition: jerry cans The Dasanech: family portrait?
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 africa, ethiopia, afrique, eastafrica, portrait, boy, djibouti, somalia, woman, child
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