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Atsbi morning Atsbi morning Enjoy the colour Dallol landscape The salt at Lake Asale I roll At Turmi's Monday market At Turmi's Monday market - goatskin, cowries and red ochre At Turmi's Monday market - hair and scarification Goba girl Karo grain storage The Hamer dress-code Sorry, the barbecue is for family only Headband, necklace and miswak twig At the bull-jumping rite - they wait for the ukuli Arbore elder with switch and stool Arbore elder with switch and stool Termite landscape At Turmi's Monday market - walking in Ethiopian euphorbia Tigray landscape from the Maryam Korkor cliff-top church Between Turmi and Kolcho - landscape with acacia and clouds Headband, necklace and miswak twig Market panorama The salt collector My day has started well At Turmi's Monday market Nomad homes Livestock assembled Arbore huts
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