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John in Mogadishu Baidoa, Somalia 1992 Schoolgirls Camels on way to Hargeisa market Asmara - calcio Asmara - main street bedecked with palms Qatar Inland Sea Beachfront Djibouti Shams Club Marlboro Sign Djibouti Countryside 2 Dikhil Runoff Stream 3 Dikhil Runoff Stream 1 Dikhil Overlook village me in frame Guards on the beach in Berbera Horse play Two young Somalilanders Purple on green At Hargeisa club Hargeisa club Nomad with stick and  water cannister Nomad with camel Red in Borama Djibouti market ladies At the end of a day Small fry More green taxis Djibouti office Djibouti woman Nice Somali smile Fathers and sons in Djibouti Goats on pink
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