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The Borana: livestock market panorama Landscape with oil drums Come into my shop Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate Key Afar market views Sacred ibis waiting for fish Cattle block the road The colour of Harar The people of Harar Tribal views: Arbore people - I suspect they don't wear gourds all the time Against the green: Ethiopian compositions: I'm waiting Monks, priests and worshippers - does he remind you of Morgan Freeman? Monk, priests and worshippers: the grinning worshipper Tribal looks: butter is added to the hair 0603013-F-9074R-017 Happy 17th Birthday, Somaliland - The Freedom Monument Happy 17th Birthday, Somaliland - Nasso Hablood Eritrean Engineer - urban decay theme Devoutly looking at his photos Composition in textiles and green Men doing business or just looking at the calorific value of water Hanging out in Massawa's yards Haile Selassie's palace, complete with bullet holes and shell damage Looks almost like Havana...but it's Massawa Tribal views: the Nyangatom at Kangate: walking in the dust Tribal views: the Mursi Feed the hyaena: the pack eats Monk, priests and worshippers - modesty Jigjiga - camel lady and wheelbarrow man harar girl
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