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Corn Roasters, Wolayta, Ethiopia Sleeping, Tigray Village Girl, Wolayta, Ethiopia Surma Boy, Tulgit, Ethiopia Horn of Africa Archive: Djibouti From Space (Archive: NASA, International Space Station, 05/08/02) Konso 2009 (Ethiopia) Ado (juin 1997) Ermide (next to Omorate) Oudite (Fejej research field camp) Ermide (next to Omorate) A child in Tergol town receiving a measles vaccination A child getting a Vitamin A supplementation in Tergol town. South Sudan asylum seekers and members of the host community wait in line for vaccination in the border town of Tergol, Akobo Woreda, Gambella Region (Ethiopia) Distributing maize to drought affected communities 1310-25-z-ZZ999-0035 20120914-_K528337 20120914-_K528365 20120914-_K528499 20120923-_K528853 20120923-_K528868 20120923-_K529599 20120923-_K529607 20120923-_K529641 baboon baby 20130625-_K516093 20120829-_K527852 20120829-_K527922 20120829-_K526859 20120829-_K526899
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