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Christmas lights at a Christmas fair Red hearts hanging on a tree at a Christmas market Christmas market at Rathausplatz in Vienna Christmas market at Prater in Vienna Christmas fair at Rathausplatz in Vienna It's not you, it's me Christmas Caroling Nahaufnahme von Weihnachtsbaumschmuck Familienhund vor dem Weihnachtsbaum Family dog in front of a Christmas tree New Year's Gift and a Christmas tree in the background Familienhund vor dem Weihnachtsbaum wartet auf ein Leckerli Ornaments on a Christmas tree Dog relaxing in front of a Christmas tree Jar with candy and a Christmas tree in the blurry background Presents under the Christmas tree Family dog in front of a Christmas tree waiting for a treat Friday.POTW.27December2019 Holiday Lights MerryChristmas.BaltimoreMD.2019 MerryChristmas.2019.5x7 IMG_1893a 08a.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 09a.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 10.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 11.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 12.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 13.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 07a.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019 03b.WHA6.BaltimoreMD.23December2019
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