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The Observer

I've enlarged and placed in the lower left an onlooker to a recent photography expedition. You can do the "where's Waldo" thing and try to find where he actually is in the photo, or you can just look where I've made a note. Every so often I'm greeted with a photo of something unexpected, like the bat flying through a night sky.

Clearly the clouds didn't cooperate like I had hoped. Approximately directly behind the tree is the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, but didn't seem like moving to catch the Milky Way was going to pay out given the cloud cover, so I just went for the old "golf course at night" shot.

Wayne Freedman might be proud.

This is the 4th Hole at Waterfront Golf Course, Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, Virginia.

Some Rights Reserved: 2018  Steven Christenson
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Photo taken on 17 July 2018 (© Steven Christenson / Flickr)

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