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Blaster for a seismic survey (March 2019) (Licking County, Ohio, USA) 2

Blaster for a seismic survey (March 2019) (Licking County, Ohio, USA) 2

Shot hole and blaster along seismic line in Licking County, Ohio, USA. (March 2019)

During the late 1800s, Ohio was the # 1 petroleum exporter on Earth. This is definitely not the case anymore! Despite this, Ohio today still has economic concentrations of oil and natural gas.

Ohio has three significant petroleum occurrences:

1) Trenton Limestone (upper Middle Ordovician, sensu traditio) of northwestern Ohio.

2) Clinton Sandstone (Lower Silurian) of eastern Ohio.

3) Knox Group (Beekmantown Dolomite-Rose Run Sandstone-Copper Ridge/Trempealeau Dolomite) (Upper Cambrian to ?lowermost Ordovician) in the eastern ~half of Ohio.

Of these three petroleum systems, the Knox Group generally requires the deepest drilling. Most Knox Group drilling in Ohio targets the Rose Run Sandstone, an interbedded quartzose sandstone-dolostone unit of Late Cambrian age.

In early years, choosing a well site for drilling petroleum was usually based on little to no scientific data. Drill sites were often chosen based on "closeology" (= drill near another producing well) or superstition (woo).

In modern times, petroleum exploration starts by leasing land and running seismic lines. These consist of a series of geophones and drill holes with inserted dynamite laid across the landscape. The dynamite is exploded and shock waves penetrate the underlying bedrock. The shock waves get reflected from rock layers and are detected by geophones. Computer processing results in a seismic profile showing the subsurface geology. Likely sites for petroleum wells are then identified.

Another method of obtaining seismic is the use of thumper trucks. (See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seismic_source#Thumper_truck).

The orange bag is "The Blaster". It uses radio to detonate the explosive at the bottom of the shot hole.
Thanks go out to the petroleum company and the geophysics crew for allowing access for geoscience education purposes.
4.5 minute video of shots:
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Photo taken on 16 March 2019 (© James St. John / Flickr)

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