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P1180751BW P1180693BW P1180695BW P1180519BW Roofs, Snow and a dog in a hole Element of surprise -[ HSS ]- Through a hole Bokeh and song -[ HMM ]- Blue Planet's Element #WATER extrudes out of a pair of fissures in spiraling packets—as if preformatting the later on evolution of the double helix—before the #HYDRONS burst into droplets Demolition with a view The peeping eye RocherDeuxTrous_01 Glimpse through a broken fence ♥SD_34♥ Santa's helpers P1230159BW Russian spacewalk Russian spacewalk Russian spacewalk rust DSC_3469 Blackley Angel War Memorial (sculpture) - Manchester Alone On Mars Green Hole P1180666BW P1180667BW P1180372BW Getting Deeper Frozen Hole on the Course Russian spacewalk Head Like A Hole Through Hole
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 black, wall, light, green, tree, golf, blue, canon, wood, decay
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