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Fulton New York - J. W. Pratt House Museum - Historic - Architecture Italianate style

Fulton New York - J. W. Pratt House Museum - Historic - Architecture  Italianate style

This is the J.W. Pratt House and Museum - Built in 1863, it is on a stone foundation and has brick walls which are painted pale yellow. The two-story house was constructed in the Italianate style and was built wall-over-wall, with two bay windows. The house is rectangular in plan with a three-bay-wide, three-bay-deep hipped roof main block with a gabled two-story service wing. The windows are four-over-four and are double hung. They have elaborabe window caps. The roof is covered with tin that was imported from England. It features a cupola with round arched windows. A finely detailed Queen Anne style latticed porch was added about 1880. Now a little bit of history: This was originally the home of J. W. Pratt, a prominent businessman who had a boatmaking, repair and shipping business. He also was a leader in real estate and banking. Family members occupied the home until 1975. Today the Pratt home is a local history museum which is maintained by the Friends of History in Fulton. It became the headquarters for this local history group in 1979. The museum highlights significant history of Fulton, a former mill town and prominent industrial center. It features permanent and changing exhibits on Fulton history, industry, and the people of this Oswego Canal town. A replica of a canal boat is also on display. The museum's primary focus is on the history of local industries and businesses, early transportation, recreation, education and family life including a period kitchen. There is also a library for local and genealogical research. The museum is located at 177 South First Street in Fulton, NY. 214

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Photo prise @ Fulton le 1 janvier 2001 (© Onasill ~ Bill Badzo - 62 Million - Thank You / Flickr)

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