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Castle Kirchschlag

Castle Kirchschlag

The castle ruin Kirchschlag in the Bucklige Welt is a historic building in the town of the same name Kirchschlag in the Bucklige world in the Austrian province of Lower Austria.
The hill castle was built in the 12th century on the 480 m high Schlossberg. After it was connected by a ring wall with the place, she formed a significant fortification to secure the eastern border. The owners of the castle include important families, such as the lords of Wildon from Styria, the Kuenringer, Güssinger, Pottendorfer, Puchheimer and finally the Hungarian Count Pálffy. Even Hungary's King Matthias Corvinus was lord of the castle in Kirchschlag before Emperor Maximilian I. Kirchschlag recaptured it after his death.

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Photo taken on 8 January 2019 (© a7m2 / Flickr)

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