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365_Day 312 Last Leaves Bigfoot photography... 365_Day 309 This Way 365_Day 311 Viewing the Viewers 365_Day 306 Gingko Gatitos Mt. Washington Observatory 365_Day 281 Boat 365_Day 279 Boat 365_Day 286 Festival of Lights Appendages Benrath 365_Day 271 Gallery Light Patterns Vamos 365_Day 258 Marathon Footloose When your balcony yields but one rose 365_Day 234 Painted 365_Day 224 Pattern Interrupted 365_Day 218 Reflections far too silly... Bowling alley memorabilia 365_Day 263 Rocks 365_Day 198 Summer Garden As Evening Falls | Prague Luna 🌒 Roadside New Mexico Street scene, Fort Point, Boston Common Ragwort