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sand angel Parrot on tile & copper mural Saul's Print La estación del fin del mundo. Aging Tango Light and Shadow in Downtown Ottawa You Are Dreaming Again ROW DTLA not with him En lång dag… concentric gates ouvrir cassé battering ram Paris Noir series Shadow of The Buddha perched, reading on the hunt layover Don't Say Where I Am Proboscis monkey Parc Joan Miro, Barcelone Henry Anslinger Onward Thru The Fog! Oat Willie's Scene From The Movies Not Infallible By Any Means Detail - 09Sep14, Aljezur (Portugal) Sullen and Sultry Buçaco Palace Hotel - 06Sep14, Luso (Portugal) - 02 Crème de Cassis, Cognac, lime juice Baby in the Road!
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