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morning clouds cling to hillsides of late October looking out toward the Aratani Shinto shrine low hanging clouds on treetops of the Aratani valley panorama of bullet train (shinkansen) station 2018 Nov. 2 damp morning, Mt. Hino shrine looking to the west 2017 Nov. 12 at 5 pm, commuters going home hiking up Mt. Hino via the Kayadani route; morning guide map to the top of Mt. Hino via the Kayadani route slender thread of living tradition and life itself; shime nawa long shadows at 4:10 p.m. as chaff is burned, smoke drifts steadfast stone figure greets summit hikers up & down erosion control dam, Mt. Hino's west slope - November panorama 2017 Nov. 7 morning hike blanketed by leaves up the moutainside Tableau of rural 2017 Japan - nature plus culture evening sound 2017 Nov 2 Fukakusa neighborhood a.m. light atop Mt. Atago, Culture Day, 2017 Nov. 3 volcanic Mt. Hino looms large; smaller echo in front roadside Amida shrine dappled with light hillside from Hino Shrine shows more shrines panorama bridge over the Hino river panorama of mountains from JR Takefu station commuter train pulls out, heading south s110jp2019octnov (60) 2017 Nov. 12_1657 dusk panorama 270 degrees wide end of the Aratani valley afternoon light at Aratani shrine gravel mill near Hino River some mid-afternoon dragonflies near Hino River filling the valley with roads and buildings
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