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Kamo shrine at Nakashinjo, Sunday morning

Kamo shrine at Nakashinjo, Sunday morning

Approaching the top of the small mountain in the cold fog makes the sense of time slip a little. Doubtless the location has been a place of prayer and ritual for a very long time. And the stone features like trough (once horses came?), lanterns and so on could date back before any of the wooden structures standing here on this morning. Thanks to the wealth of material culture and machinery capable of making all sorts of things from metal or stone or plastic, things like the precision-cut stone steps, lighting, and the stainless steel handrail have made it safer and more pleasant for both the very young and the very old to visit from time to time, either alone or during the community rituals or festivals scheduled there. In plain economic terms, it would be interesting to find out how expenses are met, honoraria to visiting religious specialists are paid, and how improvements and seasonal maintenance, as well as the festival times are organized so that costs are distributed somehow between households and nearby residents. As for property taxes or other city charges, very likely there is some exemption for (registered) religious locations or facilities to benefit.
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Photo taken @ 越前市 on 20 March 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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