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Hino Shrine Photos

looking out toward the Aratani Shinto shrine

hillside from Hino Shrine shows more shrines

panorama at Hino Shrine (in Kita Hino)

Aratani shrine cedars

close-up, koma-inu (lion-dog)

shadowed shelter of shrine space

shrine on boulder, Wada-cho, west of Sabae city

pano 2016 nov 12 hino-shrine

pano 2016 nov 12 hino-mt, river, hamlet

-some hats big, others small

bridge over the Hino river

Shrine along levee road, rice paddy beyond

Kamo shrine at Nakashinjo, Sunday morning

internal combustion engine; running water

electricity and shrines, intersection of new and old

Mt. Hino Shinto shrine 2016 Nov 12

Notable contributions at the Hino-shrine, 2016 Nov 12

ema & historical texts at the Hino shrine

close-up, votive panel at Hino (Shinto) Shrine-1

close-up, votive panel at Hino (Shinto) Shrine-2

climbing Mt. Hino, fencing out the bears & boars

close-up, votive panel at Hino (Shinto) Shrine

close-up, votive panel at Hino (Shinto) Shrine-Imperial troops at ?Tokyo

close-up, votive panel at Hino (Shinto) Shrine- bald priests

Lion-dog (koma-inu) at Hino Shinto Shrine, hino jinja