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3KB13661a_C 3KB06171a_C California POPPY Field Cold City Across the lake from Bled Island, Slovenia 3KA09102a_C Roads in Funchal. Madeira After the Rain 3KB12790a_C_2019-01-30 Down the old bog road Campagna toscana nei pressi di Siena Old farmhouse in tuscany 3KB12458a_C_2019-01-28 mountains and stream bed, PHX to SAN 30K00342a_C IMGP3990a_C 3KB06452a_C Minimal in Val d'Orcia - Siena Finding gold in California Poppies, poppies everywhere! 3KB13667a_C_2019-03-07 Colline in Toscana Biancane in Val d'Orcia 3KA12403a_C Between Two Trees  (Superia 400) Picking Spring Flowers Nice, France Wild California Poppies Cows Grazing on a SoHum Hill Sunday Morning
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