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Faster commutes on the way for southbound bus passengers Monterey Rocks in the Mist.jpg Rocks in the Mist No.4 Splash on the Rocks No3 Splash on the Rocks B&W Splash on the Rocks Rock in the Mist No2 Contract awarded for Illecillewaet Highway 1 widening Rocks in the Mist No.7 Rocks in the Mist No. Wave Rocks No.1  B&W Big Sur Coast No.3 Big Sur Coast No.1 Installation of more “picket” delineators in Goldstream Park Big Sur McWay Falls No.6 Big Sur McWay Falls Big Sur McWay Falls No.2 Big Sur McWay Falls No.6-2 Elephant Seals  Rokerij No. 2 Young Elephant Seal Slosh Winter Sunrise West Coast View Male Elephant Seal  on the Beach No. 2 Moonstone Beach MoonStone Beach Morro Bay Rock No.2_-2 Big Creek Bridge Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery
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