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The anatomy lesson Jinguang Xinwaitan amd other buildings in Shanghai, Chiina CN Tower Hat Before You Dare To A Train to Roskilde The High Line by Night - Chelsea, New York City Last call on the High Line - New York City City Lights - Chelsea, New York City Rotterdam - Het Witte Huis Jettyand Skyline of Shanghai, China Rotterdam - Spaansekade Rotterdam - Spaansekade Rotterdam - Spaansekade Rotterdam - Spaansekade Grant's gazelles and hartebeest in Nairobi National Park, highrise buildings visible in distance 2018 - Mexico - Atlixco - The Tall & Skinny Int. Port Building, Ocean Plaza and Jinguang Xinwaitan Nijmegen - Zusterflat Nijmegen - Zusterflat City Life around The Astoria Hotel firetrucks on St. Thomas Street Madison Square Park (East Skyline) - New York City American Airlines Arena Eichhornstrasse 3 Interior with Light and Dark IFC Mall Rooftop View of Hong Kong Construction UniCredit Tower 160 West 62nd Street Hawthorn Park
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