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AC91615 (18.09.04, Motorvej 501, Viby J)DSC_9472_Balancer

AC91615 (18.09.04, Motorvej 501, Viby J)DSC_9472_Balancer

Model: Scania R 620 V8 Highline LB Euro5 6X2*4 (R-Series 6)
VIN: YS2R6X20005312867
1. Registration: 2013-04-12
Company: Bjarke V. Nielsen, Rækker Mølle, Skjern (DK)
Fleet No.: -
Nickname: -
License plates: AC91615 (apr. 2013-?)
Previous reg.: n/a
Later reg.: n/a
Retirement age: still active jun. 2019
Photo location: Motorway 501 (Aarhus Syd Motorvejen), Viby J, Aarhus, DK

Ex-Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Borris (photo here flic.kr/p/295sMXc ) to Bjarke V. Nielsen in july 2018 on the same registration.

Going up the steep hill leading sw out of Aarhus past Viby and Stautrup. Underpowered and/or heavily loaded trucks often struggle here.

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Retirement age for trucks: many used trucks are offered for sale on international markets. If sold to a foreign buyer, this will not be listed in the danish motor registry, so a "retired" truck may or may not have been exported. In other words, the "retirement age" only shows the age, at which the truck stopped running on danish license plates.

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Photo taken @ S on 4 September 2018 (© Lav Ulv / Flickr)

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