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I’m the sexiest thing you'll ever see

I’m the sexiest thing you'll ever see

Title: Dune not for saki
Artist: Karl Wirsum, American, b. 1939
Material: acrylic on canvas
Venue: Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields

What is the art lesson for me as a photographer to take home?

As a human being who lives in a chaotic and complex world, I am comforted by things that exude certainty and simplicity. This piece knows us. It knows me. Her bold colors and contours are pure eye-candy. The colors shout, "look at me." She is boisterous. Tempting. There is also that geometric arrow. Reclined in the dune and armed with her charismatic cupid's arrow, the shady vixen surrounded in orange seems confident that she will successfully smite those who behold her.

I will need my wits about me.

Those wiggly but well-defined lines all lead back to her. They reinforce that she is indeed the center of the world. There is not a busy background. Not much distraction. Simple. There is also a playful exaggeration. Bold. Flamboyant. Attitude.

If I'm not careful, she just might get my vote.

That's what I take from Wirsum's piece.

It's a stunning piece of art. Go visit her and see for yourself. Dune not for saki, eh?

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Photo taken @ W on 18 May 2019 (© sniggie / Flickr)

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