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Georgia 2.0 / All Over The Place

Georgia 2.0 / All Over The Place

Situated in the heart of the old town the next is an example that is hard to believe, subsidence, decay and a collapsing staircase try to entice you into believing that this building is abandoned, however upon further inspection you will notice brand new front doors on the three flats or apartments that are contained within.

It is difficult to believe that people live in this residential building, as even from the outside you can see it leaning left (the hill leans left as well) which makes it awkward viewing. The owner of the bottom flat came and spoke to me during my second visit here, a kind gentleman indeed - I wished him luck in the future, I hope his home gets repaired (somehow).

Taking photographs here is difficult as the leading lines are all over the place. The building leans over as I mentioned earlier and the stairs and tripod position are subsequently uneven but also the door in the entrance is left of centre and worst of all, if you are not careful in camera and in post processing you will have horrendous lens flare in this, the entrance hall shot.

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Photo taken on 27 April 2019 (© James Kerwin Photographic / Flickr)

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