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Stately river side entrance to the Santa Cruz Church in Bangkok You don't generally associate Thailand with Christianity, do you? Bangkok's Santa Cruz church was a gift to the Portuguese by the Thai rulers This soft drinks vendor suddenly appeared Looking down one of the narrow by-lanes behind the Santa Cruz church Jesus the Good Shepherd (or Joseph and Lamb?) Local baked goodies in a near deserted store My guide holds up a fresh tart we'd just purchased Some of the households run authentic Portuguese cafes The Portuguese were the first Europeans here- strictly trade only A model of one of the early Portuguese spice ships The Portuguese introduced several new types of foods here That mole shaped thing atop the cupboard is a coconut grater! A view of the Chao Phraya River from the first floor balcony Looking back towards the Santa Cruz Church That is Wat Kanlayanamit we saw earlier Ah, got those rice barges at last! In selfie mode, at the church river-side entrance A pose before the Santa Cruz Church- part of the Kudi Chin hidden community The church was of course closed at that hour In selfie mode- reminded me of Macau or Goa A selfie along the narrow by-lane with artwork on the walls Interesting map showing where all the Portuguese went with their spice trade Ayutthaya burning- ouch! Another painting of Ayutthaya burning Yes, one has to go in bare foot With a Macau like Portuguese vibe, the paintings on the wall reminded me of Y/Jogjakarta or Penang Mary in a delightful aquarium like glass case set into the wall All the first Portuguese settlers and families could fit into one group photograph! Baan Kudeejeen Museum, set in an old Portuguese house
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