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Silly walk White Heron from Birds of America (1827) by John James Audubon (1785 - 1851), etched by Robert Havell (1793 - 1878). The original Birds of America is the most expensive printed book in the world and a truly awe-inspiring classic. Black-crowned Night-Heron Reflections Heron heron bird Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Florida JaxZoo_12-19-14-2710 JaxZoo_12-19-14-2715 JaxZoo_12-19-14-2782 Purple heron (Purperreiger) Old Swan House Great Blue Heron QRRT 5-27-2017 Grey Heron Dinner for two Wading In Spooking The Geese Autumn Begins Green Heron Heron in Nollebos Vlissingen with water reflection JaxZoo_12-21-14-2968 LITTLE BLUE HERON Grey Heron over Elmley NNR Heron & Otter_MG_3327 Great Blue Heron Black-Crowned Night Heron Great Blue Heron Juvenile Pied Wagtail Flowers At Her Feet Tri-colored Heron
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