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Duong Thuong Assembly Hall The street was by then quite deserted Gorgeous colourful display by night at one of the shops in the Hoi An old quarter OV-418-Rideau Heritage-Burritt's Rapids OV-417-Rideau Heritage-Burritt's Rapids_ OV-416-Rideau Heritage #3 OV-415-Rideau Heritage #3 OV-414-Rideau Heritage #1 Another look at the Dong Xuan Market in the Hanoi old quarter Dong Xuan Market market in the Hanoi old quarter Colourful lanterns seem to be big business here! Colonial style ancient building in the Hoi An old quarter The mandatory incense burner in front of the Duang Thong Assembly Hall Love the way they have carved a Buddha out of the tree root! Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall- yet another substantial shrine Inner shrine in the grounds of the Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall Incense coils in the Chinese temple in the Duong Thuong assembly Hall Looking out from the temple through the incense coils Interior of another of the temples in the Hoi An Old Quarter Another portion of Hoi An market- this seemed to be the flower section A closer look at the local ladies lounging about around the well Vietnamese ladies chill out around a well at the Hoi An market A portion of the Hoi An central Market I didn't notice much patronage at many of the stores though Night view of the Zhao Zhao Assembly Hall Korean tourists walk past one of the colourful stores Some of the stores across the street are still open for business P1080049 P1080058 P1080107
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