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Reflections on parliament - HWW Sonntagsches Haus Sonntagsches Haus von der Seite Die Meierei auf der Pfaueninsel Aboriginal Experiences Victoria Island Ottawa Aboriginal Experiences Victoria Island Ottawa I was surprised to see no lightning conductor above the dome A closer view of the full load of quilts or 'rajai' A closer view of the store selling glass bangles Metal polishing works- the hard working soul looks up The shopkeeper of Hindu religious doo dads gives us a curious look The corner store turns out a variety of household goods We come to the Ranjit Singh statue yet again! Bonding with my brother in Amritsar's Town Hall square Graves in the foreground as well The church is now used as a museum The volunteer who let us in- not a word was exchanged though due to the language problem Stained glasses in our hotel reception- since I could not photograph them in the Khansarai Sonntagsches Haus Hasutür Oamaru, NZ Amritsar is also famous for it's dried fruit and condiments Walking Amritsar's narrow alleys and byways Nose piercings perhaps? Victoria Institution Entry into the Khansarai is by conducted tour only A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame Outside, a long row of gift shops line the massive Sheki Caravansarai Interior of the Church of Kish, the oldest in that area A sign about something interesting discovered in the church foundations I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons!
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