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Sonntagsches Haus Hasutür Die Meierei auf der Pfaueninsel Another style- the variety was amazing My sis in law yields to the glass bangle temptations at last! We caught up with the garish looking hop on-hop off bus The wholesale textile market- closed A closer view of the full load of quilts or 'rajai' Nose piercings perhaps? The shopkeeper of Hindu religious doo dads gives us a curious look A corner store- literally This museum near the Khansarai was once an Albanian  church The church is now used as a museum Entry into the Khansarai is by conducted tour only Though not longer a Caravansarai, it's still an impressive pit stop for travelers A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame The Sheki Caravanserai was the largest among the five on the route Outside, a long row of gift shops line the massive Sheki Caravansarai Some of the gift shops were pretty well subscribed It just gets more interesting- a store selling local musical instruments A sign about something interesting discovered in the church foundations I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons! A selfie inside the Juma Mosque in Shemakha Sonntagsches Haus Oamaru, NZ This garish hop on-hop off bus suddenly rolled past The corner store turns out a variety of household goods Hauptgebäude - Haus 22 Victoria Institution The Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum is actually a series of structures I was amazed at the spacious sweep of the entrance lobby of the Caravansarai
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